Pacific Laundry caters to local hospitals' unique laundry requirements

Unique Requirements

Pacific Laundry understands the unique linen, garment, and laundry needs of medical institutions. We know that our products and services have a direct impact on a patient's experience with a hospital. Accordingly, our products and services are designed and streamlined with this in mind.

Guam Memorial Hospital Exclusive Service Provider

No one understands the linen, garment, and laundry needs of a medical practice better than Pacific Laundry. This is why the government-operated Guam Memorial Hospital - one of only two hospitals on island the other being the US Naval Hospital - has entrusted us to handle their laundry requirements exclusively.

Guam Memorial Hospital's laundry are processed on a clean room area in our main plant exclusively allocated to handle the unique requirements of the medical institution. Here, the hospital's laundry are isolated from the rest of our regular clients' putting emphasis on sanitation unique to the medical practice.



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