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Pacific Laundry operates three main plants located at the northern and central part of Guam. Our facilities combined are capable of handling the job volume requirement of Guam's entire hotel industry. Equipped with the most modern laundry equipments in Guam, our industrial units complement each other's operation ensuring our capability to support our customers without any service interruptions. Our plants feature:

  • Individual main and back-up boilers.
  • Water storage tanks capable of supplying water to support our regular operations for three days in the event of water shortages.
  • Standby generators ensuring our capability to support our operations continuously during emergency power outages.

Our main plant serves as our main laundry operations facility and is located at the heart of bustling Harmon Industrial Park. The plant accomodates a 10/batch tunnel washer, 6 steam dryers, 2 flatwork ironers, 2 flatwork folders including several conventional washers & dryers.

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Our Harmon Plant is located right at the busy intersection of Routes 16 and 27. It serves as one of three drop-off locations for dry-cleaning materials made convenient for our customers from the North. It is equipped with 2 tunnel washers - a 10/batch and an 8/batch, 5 flatwork ironers, 2 flatwork folders, 6 steam dryers, and several conventional washers and dryers. It also houses our "clean room" facility dedicated exclusively for Guam Memorial Hospital's laundry requirements.

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Our Maite plant houses our main dry cleaning facility and serves as a drop-off location made convenient for our customers from south and central Guam. It is equipped with a state-of-the art dry cleaning machine and several conventional washers, dryers, and steamed flat ironers dedicated to the general public's dry cleaning needs.

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