Guam Tamagawa Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Nanbo-Tamagawa & Associates, Inc) which does business as Pacific Laundry and Textile Rental Service was incorporated under the laws of the Territory of Guam on October 26, 1989 primarily to engage in the business of providing laundry service and linen rental in Guam.

Pacific Laundry (then called Pacific Textile) began its modest operation on April 1, 1991 with 35 employees under its payroll and two local clients - Palace Hotel Guam and Guam Dai-Ichi Hotel.

Business Growth

In November 2004, the company entered into an operating agreement with another company involved in property management to operate the facilities of Global Laundry which at the time was Pacific Laundry's leading competitor.  The agreement helped transform Pacific Laundry into being the undisputed market leader in the island's laundry service industry.  By the middle of 2006, all equipments of Global Laundry were put under Pacific Laundry's control further increasing Pacific Laundry's operational capability.

With its client base growing, the company kept up with the ever changing market requirements by expanding its operations and ensuring its equipments and services are up-to-date with the latest technological and infrastructure innovations. At present, the company is capable of fully supporting the laundry requirements of Guam's entire hotel industry.

No Service Interruptions

Following the years after opening its doors for business, Pacific Laundry has consistently delivered products and services in the midst of economic prosperity and hardship, providing customers with continuous, uninterrupted service even in the aftermath of typhoons and earthquakes, natural calamities which were fairly common in Guam. 

Pacific Laundry Today

Today, Pacific Laundry operates the most modern laundry facility in Guam with three (3) tunnel washers, several washer/extractors, steam dryers, ironers and a state-of-the-art dry cleaning equipment  (Union brand model HL860) which exclusively utilizes "GreenEarth" cleaning solvents.

Our 3 plants are strategically located in the heart of Guam's business districts. Our industrial plants are located in the Harmon Industrial Park. In addition, there are 3 conveniently located walk-in/drop-off stations to service the general public with their laundry & dry cleaning needs. Currently, Pacific Laundry has a staff of over 118.


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