Pacific Laundry aspires to be a consistent market leader in the laundry and textile rental industry in Guam.  It is our mission to be value-driven and customer-focused, and our ultimate vision is to deliver to our customers the highest quality of service consistent with building long-term relationships beneficial in the long run to both our clients and shareholders.

Pacific Laundry will achieve this vision through the following:

  • Continuous and efficient delivery of services to our customers by maintaining reliable infrastructures and sufficient product supply.

  • Maintaining good working relationship with our outsource partners to ensure receipt of quality, cost-efficient products and services for the benefit our customers.

  • Employing dependable, honest and efficient people.

  • Maintaining accurate record of all transactions with customers.

We will accomplish our mission with high integrity, honesty and sensitivity to all our major stakeholders - customers, shareholders, employees and the public



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