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To dry clean your clothes, Pacific Laundry uses latest equipment with state-of-the art and environment-friendly technology. Our drycleaning machines comply with all Federal, and local regulations set forth by EPA/OSHA and the Clean Air Act.

Our machines are equipped with all the features needed to guarantee you the finest cleaning possible and more importantly, we only use machines that uses GreenEarth cleaning solvents exclusively.

Union HL860 dry cleaning machine

The latest addition to our equipment line - the Union HL860 dry cleaning machine - is equipped with high-efficiency, multi-stage, inline water solvent separation system which assures maximum solvent quality control and purity.

The machine utilizes Idromatic™ Still Cleaning System which completely removes sludge, then automatically pumps out all residue  for containerization and safe disposal.

It is also equipped with multiple, independently functioning high-micron self-cleaning spin disc EcoFilters and large-capacity carbon cartridge filters which assures optimum filtration of both large and small waste particles.



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