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Pacific Laundry operates state-of-the-art machinery & equipment with sufficient back-up units capable of supporting our operations round-the-clock without any service interruptions.

Our tunnel washers (three in all) delivers consistently clean goods. It incorporates restricted counterflow in the main wash zone and separately in the rinse zone – with the cleanest water in contact with the cleanest laundry – using water turbulence to provide wash solution exchange without damage to the goods.

Our BRAUN Top Side Loader Medical Washer/Extractors are designed specifically for the healthcare industry or "clean room" applications. Soiled laundry loads on one side, clean laundry unloads from the other. A full barrier wall and Braun's patented Mediflow negative airflow system prevents cross contamination

Our stand-alone dryers are high-performance units designed to give us complete control to tailor each wash to the specific requirements of the individual load. The equipments also utilize concentrated drying which also means efficient use of energy.

Dryers utilized in our batch tunnel system arre capable of monitoring both inlet and outlet temperatures, continually making precise flame adjustments to keep the dryer environment at the programmed temperature. Full burner modulation results in precise basket environment temperatures, delivering consistent drying and evenly distributed heat.


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